About SportsJunkiez

SportsJunkiez is a cutting edge platform for Sports Content Right Holders, allowing their mobile users to follow any live sports match, select plays they want to watch and view them in real time.

SPORTSJUNKIEZ is a smart Platform-as-a-Service solution for Sports Media Right Holders, generating revenues from existing content, by providing sports fans with the ultimate on-the-go viewing experience:

exclusive personalized video highlights from live sports events available for immediate viewing on smart mobile devices in real time, based on users’ settings.

Benefits for Right Holders

  • Enjoy an end-to-end service with a $0 set up fee, offering a fully managed plug-and-play solution.
  • Digital production, encoding and delivery of near-live clips.
  • User experience suited for near live clips.
  • M-commerce platform.
  • Generate new revenues based on micro-payment, utilizing every match and clip.
  • Billing through in-app purchase.
  • Numerous advertising and sponsroship opportunities.
  • Generate extra traffic to your native app.
  • Enhance loyalty to your brand.
  • Boost sports content consumption of TV and Internet channels.
  • Easily adaptable solution for a variety of sports (Baseball, Hockey, Cricket, Rugby and many more).
  • Get to know your viewers by measuring their viewing preferences).

The Solution

The SportsJunkiez platform receives live feeds from sports events all over the world, and based on a sophisticated Content Management System it edits them into short form video clips, tags each clip with its smart events tagging system, encodes all clips and finally, attach them a price tag.

Then, the Cloud-Base platform manages and distributes the clips over the CDN, while automatically fitting them to the end user's mobile and internet connection, all in just seconds.

How it Works

Where sports fans cannot follow the live game,



Users choose the matches they want to follow


Users choose the plays they want to watch


During the match, notification of the selected plays will appear on the user’s screen and the clips will be available for viewing in seconds from the moment they took place on the pitch

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